Saturday, August 29, 2015

poetry, just because

Because I love poetry.
Because I love Bill Murray.
Because I love Billy Collins.
All this made this article a wonderful morning read.

What We Miss

Who says it's so easy to save a life? In the middle of an interview for
the job you might get you see the cat from the window of the seven-
teenth floor just as he's crossing the street against traffic, just as
you're answering a question about your worst character flaw and lying
that you are too careful. What if you keep seeing the cat at every
moment you are unable to save him? Failure is more like this than like
duels and marathons. Everything can be saved, and bad timing pre-
vents it. Every minute, you are answering the question and looking
out the window of the church to see your one great love blinded by
the glare, crossing the street, alone.

--Sarah Manguso

Friday, August 7, 2015

sample retirement acceptance letter

The hardest part of being the Director in a small library is that we don't have an HR person, so on top of everything else we do we also get to do the paperwork for the new hires, and retires. Thank God for the internet or these processes would take a lot longer! 

One of my board members pointed out that though I'd been informed of staff retirements, I had to officially accept them with a letter...I am finding that a paper trail is an important thing. So, I found a short and simple letter on one university's HR website (sorry forgot which!?) and honed it to work for us. Attached is my sample of a retirement letter. 

Is anyone else out there going through this process too?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

what does that say about me?

Hemmy was at the Vet's again overnight this week. Medicine and an x-ray and $135 later--thank God small town Midwest living is cheap!--and all the Vet could come up with is that he thinks poor Hemmy is anxious and causing his own symptoms. 

The Vet asked if there was any extra stress at home--CHECK
any changes in our enviornment--CHECK
had I been working later and/or been out of town--CHECK and CHECK

Poor Hemmy has probably been feeling as overwhelmed as me lately; this was the most stressful summer that I think I've ever experienced.
Summer Reading was great, but exhausting.
I've had 2 staff decide to retire early. That means I've been going through the hiring process AGAIN.
I have a budget meeting before our county budget commission to explain why I shouldn't lose any funds.
Covering vacation at work, this week alone already worked two 12 hour days, and another 10 hour day.
My house was hit hard by all the rain and a problematic situation was made worse. Due to the mold and the fact that my landlords aren't handling it properly I'm moving AGAIN this weekend.
Hemmy has been sick twice in a month.
Unexpected car problems. And and and...yeah, it's no wonder my cat feels awful...I'm kinda surprised his fur hasn't started falling out.

Send good juju! 

I iz in needz of ainxiety medz...

2015 Convention and Expo

Super excited to see the information is finally available for the OLC Convention and Expo. And reallyvexcited to spend 2.5 days in Cinci!

Get going and book your room at the amazing Millenium before it's too late! Only $125 +tax/night and register soon!

Friday, July 17, 2015

meandering in the 'Burbs

Today was lovely. Hopped in my jalopy and drove around the Chicago suburbs. Stumbled upon this cute little town called Itasca, where you can catch the Metra to Union Station. Ate at a cute little diner called Daddy O's, where I filled up on delicious greasy diner food and that silently enjoyed the world's-my-oyster feeling that always creeps over me on days off. I love days off.

Found my way to the Itasca Library today. Awesome little library, very well organized and tidy. Snagged a couple of their kids and teen booklists--suggested reading lists are always a helpful thing for us to see, for when we're feeling uninspired. 

Farmers Market nom nom for lunch!
Found my favorite flowers at the Farmers Market this morning
Next I found a Farmers Market in Schaumburg. The city, as well as the FM, were bustling. This is what I bought. 

Today has been grand. Already feeling eight million times more rejuvenated. Now off for some more of those sweet tomatoes and a book. 

Happy weekend all!